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Saturday 1 May 2021

Fake Jockey Apprehended!

I thought I'd heard it all when I read a headline concerning a fake jockey at Newbury, but of course we do currently live in a wild 'The Onion'-esque world that thrusts everything from fake pound coins to fake news in our faces.

This jokey/crazy/bored fellow decided that he'd make an appearance in the parade ring, late last month at Newbury. His joke was perhaps taken more seriously than he'd hoped though, on account that the queen was present and his larking around was seen as a potential security threat. The man was believed to be on a stag do. At least he'll now have a good story to tell his mates! Maybe next year he'll return dressed as a horse!

Newbury head of communications Andy Clifton said "There was nothing sinister about it, but when the Queen is here these things need to be taken seriously."