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Sunday 29 October 2017

Lingfield Park Racecourse

Lingfield Park Racecourse, from a distance, looks rather simple. However, as part of its large all-weather flat-racing track, there’s plenty to do and a fantastic level of detail to every part of the course. This has a real classical feel to it, while still offering an engaging and easy way to take in some pretty important racing events.

One important factor about this racecourse is the fact that it’s using Polytack, different to the typical turf found in most racecourses in the UK. As one of just six all-weather courses in the UK, then, Lingfield stands out as one of its own. With flat racing that takes place on the turf in the summer, National Hunt races take place on the same location.

Having been open since 1890, this is quite a big part of racing history. It was opened by the then-Prince of Wales, with jump racing the primary enjoyment to begin with. This soon changed, and today it’s known as one of the best flat racing tracks in the country.

It’s been through a lot of renovations, from a gold course in the late-80s to the late 2004 grandstand improvement. The most important racing event to take place here, though, tends to be seen as the Matsunosuke race: it became the highest rated horse to win on an all-weather surface.

The horse itself was dubbed the greatest horse for all-weather tournaments of all-time, so it’s quite a feat for the racecourse to see a record owned by this incredible creature. It holds races from February to September, with a fine variety from the Cleves Stakes to the Chartwell Fillies’ Stakes.


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